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Many thanks to Larry

Many thanks to Larry for the platform, and my apologies that I haven’t finished the project of the “ten things that will be free”. It’s an ongoing thought process that I’ll continue on my own blog. I’m going to be giving this talk and changing and adapting it over the next couple of months to refine it into a proper list…. Continue reading

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Media Madness

I’ve been a bit delayed from posting because I’ve been completely swamped by media. As I’ve joked before, I’m a lot like David Hasselhoff: big in Germany. 🙂 But a fair amount of my time was spent this morning trying to complain about a rather absurd story published by Reuters which claims that I’ve announced some major changes to Wikipedia editorial policy. It’s a fine story except for the tiny detail of being completely false. Of course slashdot and a ton of newspapers and websites picked up the story and ran with it, causing a fair amount of speculation based… Continue reading

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Free the Curriculum!

The second thing that will be free is a complete curriculum (in all languages) from Kindergarten through the University level. There are several projects underway to make this a reality, including our own Wikibooks project, but of course this is a much bigger job than the encyclopedia, and it will take much longer. In the long run, it will be very difficult for proprietary textbook publishers to compete with freely licensed alternatives. An open project with dozens of professors adapting and refining a textbook on a particular subject will be a very difficult thing for a proprietary publisher to compete… Continue reading

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Free the Encyclopedia!

As I work through the list of ten things that will be free, the order that I go in has no special meaning. Even so, it should not be surprising that the first thing I’ll discuss is the encyclopedia, since I’m best known as “the Wikipedia guy”. “Imagine a world in which every single person is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s what we’re doing.” This is the Wikipedia mission statement. The goal of Wikipedia (and the core goal of the Wikimedia Foundation) is to create and provide a freely licensed and high quality encyclopedia… Continue reading

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Ten Things That Will Be Free

Welcome! I will be blogging for Larry Lessig for the next couple of weeks, most of which I will be at the Wikimania conference in Frankfurt, Germany. Wikimania is the first major conference of the Wikimedia Community, and my keynote opening talk on Friday will be entitled “Ten Things That Will Be Free”. The list is inspired by Hilbert’s problems. In 1900, at a conference in Paris, German mathematician David Hilbert presented 10 problems, from a list which ended up being 23. These problems influenced mathematics strongly in the coming years, serving as a focal point for the research and… Continue reading

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