TarenSK: Bombshell: New evidence that Steve Heymann committed serious prosecutorial misconduct

TarenSK: Bombshell: New evidence that Steve Heymann committed serious prosecutorial misconduct:


The prosecution didn’t just show poor judgment in its prosecution of Aaron. In addition, Steve Heymann actively broke the law and violated Aaron’s constitutional rights. Below, you can read the details, but the basic outline is that Heymann withheld evidence that would have been helpful to Aaron’s…

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13 Responses to TarenSK: Bombshell: New evidence that Steve Heymann committed serious prosecutorial misconduct

  1. Justin Stoll says:

    Professor Lessig,
    First, let me say two things: (1) I enjoy all your work, and (2) I am sorry for the loss of your friend, Aaron. I saw your moving lecture on Aaron and the travesty perpetrated on him by our prosecutorial system.
    As a law student that studies the internet, open source, open software, and the catastrophe that is copyright law (my particular area at this time is the public performance right and the internet), I think Congress has absolutely lost their minds. I haven’t got into the proposed statutory language yet, but if these writers observations are correct, some people in Congress are more tone deaf then I could have imagined.
    Keep up all of your great work.
    Tech Dirt: http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20130324/14342822435/rather-than-fix-cfaa-house-judiciary-committee-planning-to-make-it-worse-way-worse.shtml
    Salon: http: //www.salon.com/2013/03/25/draft_bill_would_make_cfaa_even_worse/

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