Made with CC

This very funny movie was, with 34 Flickr photos that were CC-d. Simple, legal, building the Read-Write Internet. 34 out more than 7,000,000 CC-d photos on Flickr.

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  1. Erik Schmidt says:

    That *is* hilarious. Jonathan Coulter’s video is funnier by far than most of the nonsense found on joke websites. I have no idea how he picked the photos then created such an absurd song, but it all comes together perfectly.

  2. Hi Lawrence! You might like this too.

    I first read about you in an awesome New Yorker article back in 2002 and it scared the crap out of me but now I’m going ahead with my parodies anyway.

    Here are all the episodes.

    Hope you enjoy them and thanks for your great work,

    R o g e r D e n e s h a
    a k a
    D o u g g i e D i n o s a u r

  3. Thien says:

    It’s good to see people use CC’d content but if people don’t start using free (as in speech) audio formats then people on Linux, me at least, won’t be able to listen to the sound.

  4. poptones says:

    Yes, ironically we have a “free” movie locked up in a non-free wrapper. How ironic is it we have to break the law in order to watch a “Free as in speech” video?

    Lessig, you’re the man with the blog. I love the headlines but you need to start putting some pressure on these folks you’re linking to supply Free content for your audience.

    “Now… what we have here… is a failure to communicate freely. Some folks you just can’t reach… so you get what we got here. Now, I don’t like it any more than you…

  5. poptones:

    Wait, maybe I missed something. What law is being broken here?

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