Of the grid (again)

My entry July 3, 2006:

Since my [first] kid was born, we’ve tried to have a month alone off the grid every year. That starts this year in 6 hours. I have not asked anyone to guest blog while I’m gone, so this space will be quiet. There are a couple times when I might make a surprise return (they’re all preprogrammed). But my apologies for the silence otherwise. This year has been an especially burdensome year. We really need this time alone.

That happens again this year, again, six hours from now. This year has not been especially burdensome. Indeed, the American Academy in Berlin is heaven, and I’ve gotten lots of good work done. But the promise was for good times and bad, regardless, a month alone with my family.

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  1. On behalf of busy people everywhere, I thank you for setting a good example. Your month off every year is as inspiring to me as the work you do during the other 11 months!

  2. I’d like to echo Cory’s comments.

  3. three blind mice says:

    good for you professor. when we hjear our countrymen slag europeans as a bunch of lazy, unproductive, month-long.summer-vacation-taking socialsts, we remind them that thi s is actually not so bad as it seems.

    enjoy your summer.

  4. Mark Goebel says:

    A book written by an NYU professor, Dr Albert Piacente, “Complete the American Revolution!: What 9-11, Corporate Scandal and the 2000 Presidential Election Have in Common and What We Can Do About It (available on Amazon) ” extends the dialogue about business, democracy, campaign finance, global economics, peace, love and understanding (okay, peace, hate and fear). I’d like to recommend a suitable “commons” debate with Professor Lessig and Professor Piacente (although I think they are not in direct conflict) to discuss the platform and substance of the Non-Corruption Principle. I think these great minds can move the political debate to a practical reality! I am sure that is what we the people need.

  5. Tim Wu says:

    summer sabbath

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