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As I mentioned last week, we have launched CC‘s annual fundraising campaign. You can get support buttons for your site or your blog here. They’re all based upon the new layout to the CC site. As you can see above, each button frames a different part of the world.

This is an important year for us — 5th anniversary, etc. It is a difficult time of the year for me. You don’t go into academics because you like market tests. And each year, I cower from the test that this campaign is. If we can’t grow the number of people supporting CC, we’re not doing our job. Period. That sort of simple test doesn’t stalk a professor.

But there is no tenure for nonprofits. So we can’t avoid this push, and test, each year. Please help make it as simple as possible. Give way more than you can afford. Often.

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2 Responses to CC support buttons

  1. Muffin says:

    Honestly, I think these need some more work – I couldn’t figure out what the lines were supposed to mean at all until I read the text, and even then, the only thing that I was actually able to identify was Australia. A minute of staring later, I also recognised Africa, but that’s it really – I have a suspicion which ones refer to South American and Eastern Asia, respectively, but I wouldn’t be able to identify them as either without already knowing that they must refer to some part of the world, and the remaining two are wholly unclear – I suppose they must be Europe and North America, but I can neither figure out which is which nor am I able to see *anything* in them at all.

    I suppose that for most casual onlookers, they’ll just be random buttons with meaningless lines drawn on them.

  2. “Give way more than you can afford. Often.”

    If that is required to keep CC alive, then CC will die.

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