Support CC: blogs in Brazil

We’re pulling together an important (as in it is important it succeeds) strategy to enlist blogs in the work we’re doing to support CC. Thanks to Jardel who has a corner of the Brazilian blogspace. He beat us to the punch.

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4 Responses to Support CC: blogs in Brazil

  1. d├ębora arruda says:

    Thanks Larry.

  2. Lucile says:


    I saw your note about supporting Creative Commons and i have to say i’m interested in your initiative because i work for a web site called “Jamendo” dedicated to free music under Creative Commons licences! So i would be interested in knowing people and artists who are interested in that type of licences….
    You can have a look at Jamendo’s blog on:
    and you also have my mail: [email protected]

    Thank you!

  3. Thanks Larry your help enable a participatory culture.


    Nelson Piedra
    From Ecuador

  4. Marco says:

    Thanks Larry and, above all, thanks Creative Commons.

    As a lawyer, I appreciate your effort to build a new copyright for a free culture.

    Marco Scialdone
    from Italy

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