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On the reasons for reversing a gift ban

In 2009, Massachusetts took a national lead in banning gifts of more than $50 to doctors from pharmaceutical and device companies. The idea was that doctors should be making such decisions on the merits, and an increasing array of data suggested that s… Continue reading

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At a minimum…

What a sane court would do: pick an issue that it turns out needs re-argument, and carry the case over until the fall, when it can be decided after an election. Continue reading

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A high school commencement address

I was also asked to address the graduating class at Loyalsock Township High School, in Williamsport, PA — my high school, from which I had graduated 33 years ago. Here’s the speech:
I have three young children — two boys, 8 and 5, and a girl… Continue reading

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"Lord, let my work matter enough that its critics at least know what I say…"

The Great Bob Kohn — Kohn on Music Licensing, eMusic, and now RoyaltyShare — felt it important to launch a twitter-snit against me, after I tweeted that I was going to deliver the commencement address at my high school (33 … Continue reading

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