Iraq’s copyright law

Jamie Knox sent along Iraq’s newly amended copyright law (as if THIS was where we needed to worry about rule of law in Iraq). I’ve just begun going through it, but there are favorite tidbits so far: collections of data can be protected; readings of the Koran are protected; and collections of government documents can be protected. But significantly, the term is life plus 50! More disharmony…

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  1. One quote: “to benefit the people of Iraq”. Surely this Bremer person means “to benefit the people of the USA”?

    Very sad. I had hoped to keep track of this, but figured that they wouldn’t touch copyright before they wrote a constitution.

    Odd how the three countries of this so called Axis of Evil had the most progressive copyright laws a few years ago. What happened?

  2. Pauly D says:

    Is there anything in there prohibiting a movie-of-the-week on Iraq TV about Hussein starring James Brolin as Hussein?

    Just wondering.

  3. Karl says:

    too bad in the U.S. the reasoning for extending the copyright laws were based off lies, and half truths. Not to mention private intrests by the ones voting the law into effect.

  4. David Newton says:

    I don’t think that Bermer should have been changing things like IP law at all. It’s not a vital change to the law, and so it could have waited until the hand over of power.

    However, there are some real benefits with this change for the Iraqi people. Life+50 is the minimum term for the Berne Convention. Join that and Iraq gets national treatment in an awful lot of countries.

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