CC @ 100m; C-C @ $1.1m & 1 year

So Creative Commons just passed 100,000,000 photos on Flickr.

Change Congress just passed $1,100,000 withheld from candidates in our strike4change campaign.

And a year ago, we launched Change Congress at an event hosted by the Sunlight Foundation in Washington, DC.

Celebrate CC by buying one of Joi’s limited edition “FreeSouls” books.

Celebrate C-C by joining our strike. Or even better, by donating all the money in the world (b/c that’s what this campaign stands against).

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13 Responses to CC @ 100m; C-C @ $1.1m & 1 year

  1. Steve Baba says:

    I would not use the word “absurd” to describe strike4change.
    It’s naive and counterproductive, something an amateur reformer would do, but does not reach the level of stupid absurdity.

    Also you criminals looking for a pirated edition of Remix, there is an ancient invention that provides books free of charge to the poor and frugal: a library.

    Ironic that Lessig is knowingly or not encouraging people to steal his book. Ironic and unfortunate that amateur Lessig is going to have the same “success” with reform.

  2. Elias K Gardner says:

    It seems to me that withholding money from candidates who don’t support something and giving money to candidates who do are two sides of the same coin. There is a psychological difference but Im not really sure of the its effect. Strike4change does take the punishment side of the coin as opposed to the reward side. It points people out for not agreeing rather than congratulating them for agreement.

    What effect might it have playing up one side over the other?

  3. Bernard Mavens says:

    Does anyone have a copy of Larry’s book Remix they could pdf and post?

    I would do it, but my local library doesn’t have a copy.



  4. jessy says:


    I need a copy of Larry’s book Remix too.

    please anyone can help?

  5. Steve Baba says:

    Are you seriously asking for an illegal, pirated copy of Remix on the author’s own page,

    Or are you really law abiding citizens taunting Lessig for his views on copyright?

    To bad one has to ask the same question about Lessig – a reform organization or shill.

  6. Rick says:

    In previous times I might have jumped in here to impede Baba’s hell-bent effort to become the greatest a’hole of our time, but he does indirectly or unknowingly make a point.

    You have abandoned your base. Folks from your previous life just don’t know who you are anymore.

  7. David Grant says:

    I suggest, rather than having politicians navigate more regulation regarding campaign finance, we simply abolish all existing laws, give them the FREEDOM to accept money from whomever they choose, and disclose all of it; EVERY SINGLE PENNY!

    Similar legislation to the FENA proposal already exists and has no impact on so-called ‘special interest’.

  8. Juan says:

    I for one appreciate his efforts. He sees that the incentive system is all messed up and has designed a creative way to try and right it. I don’t know if he’ll succeed, but I sure hope he does. He can’t make it worse. Go Lessig.

  9. Joe says:

    It does seem counterproductive to emphasize NOT donating money to political candidates. They’ll find someone else to support them.

  10. Steve Baba says:

    “I for one appreciate his efforts … He can’t make it worse. “

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

    Many of the most counterproductive (evil) people in history thought they were doing the right thing or “had good hearts” in their own minds.

    Where the heck is Lessig anyway. No post in weeks. Sick? A web guru given up on blogging?

  11. Juan says:

    “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

    That’s precisely my point. He’s actually doing something about the problem. It’s not just an intention. The road to hell isn’t paved with good efforts. His point is there’s not enough good people doing things to fix the problem, so he stepped up to the plate.

    And I don’t see how it’s “counterproductive to emphasize not donating money to political candidates”. The worst you could argue is it’s ineffective, but that’s a far cry from counterproductive.

  12. Steve Baba says:

    Quotes, like the Bible, can be interpreted multiple ways.

    You may want to google “The road to hell is paved with good intentions” for the usual interpretation.

    Generally, the sin of sloth, inactivity is not considered hell-worthy or result in hell-on-earth outcomes like most utopian (good intentions) outcomes result in.

    You may also read the Audacity of Hope, by someone, who argues against (although it’s hard to tell for sure since it’s written by a lawyer) against forcing candidates to sign pledges. In addition to all the other known problems of campaign finance reform, like free speech problems – not that I am against it but you have to take the good with the bad.

  13. Hey Dere says:

    Thanks for the heads up about the FreeSouls book! I’ll pick one up as soon as the paycheck comes in. 🙂

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