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video TOSs compared

Markus Weiland has compiled an interesting comparison of the different terms of service for video hosting sites. You can read the report here. Continue reading

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Open Video Conference


New York, June 19-20, sponsored by the ISP at Yale Law School, and others. Continue reading

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a list of honor

In my work to push citizen funded elections (the hybrid between public funding (which is citizen funds) and small-donor contributions (citizen funding)), I have been astonished and deeply depressed by the number of very rich souls who in theory should support this change, but who resist it because, as I sense, they don’t want to give up their own access to power.
These large Democratic Party contributors are different. They all signed a letter demanding the existing system be scrapped, and that citizen funded elections replace it.
Bravo. Reform begins at home.

Naomi Aberly
Grant Abert
Elaine Attias
Amb. Elizabeth Bagley
Smith Bagley
Robert Bowditch
William Budinger
James Kimo Campbell
Peter Copen
Rosemary Faulkner
Ron Feldman
Christopher Findlater
Murray Galinson
James Gollin
Lee Halprin
Francis W. Hatch
Arnold Hiatt
John Hunting
Greg Jobin-Leeds
John S. Johnson
Wayne Jordan
Craig Kaplan
Michael Kieschnick
Steve Kirsch
Arthur D. Lipson
Henry Lord
Anna Hawken McKay
Rob McKay
Sally Minard
Alan Patricof
Susan Patricof
Doug Phelps
Steve Phillips
Drummond Pike
Rachel Pritzker
Abby Rockefeller
Charles Rodgers
Marsha Rosenbaum
Manny Rouvelas
Vin Ryan
Deborah Sagner
Guy T. Saperstein
Dick Senn
Steve Silberstein
Alison Smith
William Soskin
Martin Stevenson
Pat Stryker
Ellen Susman
Steve Susman
Margery Tabankin
Kate Villers
Philippe Villers
Scott Wallace
George Wallerstein
Marc Weiss
Al Yates
Joe Zimlich

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from the enough-about-you department


So a bit sheepishly (as I’m in this film and really fat) (and I mean fat, not phat), let me push a favorite film by Brett Gaylor, RIP: A Remix Manifesto. The film is fantastic. Gillis (aka, GirlTalk) is amazing. And the technical execution (of course, the substance was a given for me) is extraordinary. If nothing else, remix the film (which you can at Brett’s OpenSourceCinema).
You can go to a screening, or host a screening, or buy a copy of this (CC-BY-NC) film on iTunes ($9.99), or pay whatever price you want at B-Side, or if you get it through the darknet, donate whatever you can to the company that made the film.
This is a rare filmmaker who practices what his film preaches. It is also a rare filmmaker who takes the time (and this took years) to understand a story well. Listen, and spread the word.
Read more in this great Wired piece. And thank you, Brett. Continue reading

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Wikipedians: Please vote (by May 3)


As I pleaded before, if you’re a Wikipedian (and if you’re not, you should be), and you’ve made more than 25 edits, then you are entitled to vote on whether Wikipedia should be relicensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license (BY-SA).
If you are entitled, then please vote to make free culture interoperable. Voting ends May 3. That’s like minutes from now.
Read more about it here. Vote here. Continue reading

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Creative Commons needs a coder

Creative Commons is hiring a software engineer after the amazing Asheesh Laroia is moving on to some very cool (and maybe secret so I won’t say more) project out East. If you can code for good, we pay some. More information here. Continue reading

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