AudioVox: never again


A couple months ago, I bought this cool new phone by Audiovox — the CMD8900. The speaker then quit working. I returned it to the store I had bought it at (New Wireless, 107 West Portal Ave) at the end of August. Last week, when it was still not back, I called and asked why. New Wireless informed me all Audiovox repairs take “30 to 45 days.” I found that hard to believe, so I went to the Audiovox website, and posted a question asking whether that was true. A week later, no response still.

So though I have spent over $60 for wireless service this month, I’ve had no wireless phone. And indeed, if this is Audiovox’s policy, it is a really good reason not to rely upon that company. Unless of course, your cell phone is just a toy which you don’t really need, and you don’t mind spending scores of dollars for service that you cannot use.

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  1. raoul says:


    The only phone for you is the Treo 600. It’s not even a close call. it has an mp3 player, you can use mp3s for ringtones (your own mp3s not ones you rent from the phone company), access web pages, record messages and use it as a flash drive.

    Even better, as your waiting outside court before oral argument you can rock out to your favorite mp3 and just annoy the hell of those RIAA guys. My personal favorite music to listen to as I walk through court houses is old school gangsta rap. It really sets the mood.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It pretty much looks like a ripoff of my Samsung phone.

    It seems silly, and that you should expect way more from an expensive purchase (all cell phones are expensive if you don’t have a new account!), but I always buy mine from Radio Shack. And I always get the 2 year service plan (the free batteries by themselves are worth it – one free [Radio Shack brand] battery a year). Not only do they have really quick service on fixing your phone, but the warranty is also *transferable* to other phones bought @ RS. My last phone met its demise in an unfortunate taxicab/Halloween incident, but I went to RS, bought a new one (after extorting a $150 credit from my service provider), and transferred the warranty. I had a small problem with my phone recently (related to talking on my phone right out of the shower – I fried some of the circuits), and they happily fixed it. I’m usually not a big fan of RS except for parts & cables, but I think they really excel in their customer service when it comes to cell phones.

    Unfortunately, no matter what route you go, you’ll still be stuck without wireless during the repair (but hopefully not that long!).

  3. Chris Yu says:

    From past experience with verizon and at&t wireless, you can call the phone company and just reprogram an old cell phone (they talk you through it over the phone) as long as that phone works with the carrier’s networks. That way you’ll have a phone while you wait for yours to come back from the shop.

    And if you don’t have an old phone that works, I’m sure that your geek friends have plenty they can loan you.

  4. andrew says:

    “(they talk you through it over the phone) as long as that phone works with the carrier�s networks. That way you�ll have a phone while you wait for yours to come back from the shop.”

    awww man, I once bought a nextel phone off ebay and tried to get it connected to T-Mobile and customer serivce apparently gave me the destruct code for the phone. didn’t even know cell phones had this feature till the repair shop told me nextel carries it so businesses can destory confidential info (i.e. business contacts) on older phones permanetly. Additionally, nextel and t-mobile phones aren’t compatible.

    aslo my motortola v70 while really cool looking has the worst reception and speaker volume of any phone I’ve ever had. You literaly can’t hear the person on the other line 1/2 the time.


  5. My opinion is that you should be more upset with ‘New Wireless’ than AudioVox. Being a Verizon customer for several years now, i can say that their customer service has always been amazing to myself and my friends. My Samsung mic. went south, that dropped in a new one. They carry all the field replacement modules in-house. If the entire phone goes nuts (like my friends), they programmed a new replacement on the spot.

    And accessories? I always buy my accessories at the V. store now. They’ll usually come down off the sticker price (cause they are way overpriced), but they warranty accessories forever. I drop in and get a new belt-clip everytime mine pops/cracks or otherwise meets its demise thru my daily fon-torture routine.

    I’m a generally happy V. customer…just wish they’d push for more bluetooth/mp3/cmda phones.

    – James

  6. lessig says:

    Got my Treo 600 today. Will report back.

  7. epoh says:

    thanks for the ears up

  8. M. Mortazavi says:

    Try Sidekick II by Danger as I have. You can even blog with it quite easily.

  9. raoul says:

    Wow! Good call. Welcome to the 21st century. The Treo is also nice because it is larger. I found that the smaller phones hurt my hand when I talked. The Treo feels more solid.

    I probably should have mentioned this before, I’m just to used to not being listened to, you will need some third party software to take advantage of all the Treo’s capabilities. If you were anyone else I would just zip’em up and email ’em to you. However, I can tell you about them. You should be able to download the basic pocket tunes (mp3 player) for free when you register the Treo online. The upgrade allows some extra functionality with regards to playlists and such, but most likely not needed. The software for playing ringtones is available from . It�s called lightwave. You can get the personal recorder software there too. I would recommend the ringtone software only if you are one to use the polyphonic ringtones; then it is far superior. However, some people find that they do not like music for ringtones, they like ringtones for ringtones. It takes getting used to. At first my phone would ring and start playing music, then I would think to myself, hey I like that song, where is it coming from. The most enjoyment however, is just the idea of using music that I already paid for, but at the same time not paying twice for it, just to play it on my phone. Another revenue stream gone dry.

    The next must have accessory is the Seidio 2 in 1 Headset for Treo 600.

    The 2 in 1 Headset for Treo 600 (Patent Pending) is a hands-free device and also doubles as a set of headphones. The headset comes with a microphone, a one-touch button, and an in-line music and phone volume control. A switch is available on the control console to allow you easily select either “Hands Free mode” or “MP3 mode”.

    With this headset, there is no longer the need for an additional adaptor to plug your headset into the Treo. It has been designed to plug directly into your Treo.

    This single headset allows you to do a variety of things such as listen to MP3 music, be alerted about an incoming call, answer and hang up calls with a one-touch button, and adjust sound volume.

    If you are a true audiofile an adapter that allows you to use high end earbuds is also available.

    This model allows you to plug any pair of 3.5 mm headphones into the 2-in-1 headset adapter. Now you can talk on your Treo600 and listen to MP3 music with any 3.5 mm headphone of your choice.

    Both headsets offer retractable versions.

    I would also recommend getting a 512 mb SD card. The price has dropped dramatically and you should be able to get one cheap at Frys.

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