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Powell's endorsement

This is the most important, most profound, more powerfully argued 7 minutes of this campaign. Continue reading

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Preparing for CHANGE: Please help.


Just over 6 months ago, I agreed with Joe Trippi to help start a movement for fundamental reform in Congress. We understood that this was a long term project. But as we felt then — and as the events of the last 6 months only confirmed — we face, as Al Gore has put it, “a democracy crisis.” And until we fix this, we won’t fix any of the critical problems that face our society.
Many of you urged me to do this. And so I’m asking now for a favor in return. We’ve started. We’ve made important progress. But we need you now to help us make an important mark before this election comes to an end.
Our first project has been to get Members of Congress as well as candidates for Congress to take a stand on our issues of reform. We don’t demand that they agree with any particular reform (yet). We simply call upon them to have the courage at least to say where they stand.
The five people you see pictured above are the first five Members of Congress to take a stand: Barney Frank (D-MA), Lynn Woolsey (D-CA), Jim Cooper (D-TN), Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD), and John Tierney (D-MA). Four Democrats, and one Republican have signed a pledge to support planks in our platform for reform. These 5 are joined now by more than 150 challengers who have taken a stand.
That’s a start. But it’s not good enough. And so I’m asking again: please help us get Members and candidates to take a stand. You can join our “pester” campaign by clicking here, and we’ll make it extremely easy for you to write, or call, or email members or candidates who have not yet taken a stand.
This should be a simple thing in a democracy: Tell us, candidate, what you believe. It should be a hard thing to hide from. Yet in the politics of today, the simple thing is to hide. Help us make the simple hard.
Meanwhile, here’s a link to the latest version of the Change Congress talk. Continue reading

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McCain's Push Polling

Yosem’s diary on Daily Kos has a transcript of a McCain push polling call. It is extraordinarily depressing to read, especially when you remember that it was this tactic precisely (employed by Bush) that derailed his 2000 campaign in South Carolina. Continue reading

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extremely well done

Obama ’08 – Vote For Hope from MC Yogi on Vimeo.
Continue reading

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lies, damn lies, and the numbers IP extremists use

Julian Sanchez has a fantastic piece about the fabrication of a (still used today) statistic about the economic harm caused by “piracy.” Continue reading

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25 arguments for removing DRM

Harry McCracken has “25 Arguments for the Elimination of Copy Protection.” Continue reading

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TransparentDemocracy goes Beta

TDO_logo.png has gone beta. This very cool sites helps you sift through election recommendations as well as corporate ballot measures. The gist is this: you pick your recommenders, and you can see how they rank candidates or ballot measures. The site will eventually be a platform for any set of recommenders, so its aim is to become as general as possible. But especially for us California voters (with pages and pages of incomprehensible ballot measures) this will be an enormous help. In the extended entry below, I include an email from the creator of the site, Kim Cranston, explaining a bit more. Continue reading

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Remix launch party


res ipsa.
And note I talk about this blog in the book. If Three Blind Mice wants to out himself, I’d be happy to send him a copy. Continue reading

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IP Colloquium

Doug Lichtman, a professor of law at UCLA, has a new IP-related podcast, The IP Colloquium. The first show is a fantastic interview with the EFF’s Fred von Lohmann (and CLE credit is available!). Continue reading

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REMIX released


REMIX has been released. There’s a site with stuff about it. There’s a link to buy it on Amazon. And there’s a page with reviews, including the one by L. Gordon Crovitz, former publisher of the Wall Street Journal. Continue reading

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