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Credit Reports

So under the FACT Act, you get a free credit report each year from each of the major credit rating agencies. At AnnualCreditReport.Com you enter basic info, and then it gives you a link to each agency to get your report.  … Continue reading

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A version of my talk given to an Israeli audience, 12/5/11.

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The Great Promise of Super-PACs

Until the rise of super-PACs, the system favored the incumbents. Now the incumbents work for the super-PACs. It is a demeaning and demoralizing life for people who like to think highly of themselves and the institution they serve. Continue reading

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The Grant and Franklin Project

In Republic, Lost and in the New York Times, I have described a version of small dollar funded elections that I have called “The Grant and Franklin Project.” Here’s a brief statement of the plan.  Assumption: Every voter pays at … Continue reading

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A modification to the Proposed 28th Amendment

Consistent with the brilliant call by, I have modified Publius’ proposed 28th Amendment to assure that at least the First Amendment would not be construed to grant to any non-natural person (i.e., a corporation) any “unalienable” (as the Declaration … Continue reading

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Part one of my interview on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

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Notes on the Proposed 28th Amendment

The Amendment that Publius proposed has some thought behind it, not all of which is apparent on the surface. Here are some notes, tied to each paragraph.  For the purpose of securing the independence of the legislative and executive branches, … Continue reading

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Proposed 28th Amendment beta v.9

I hear that Publius submitted this to Dylan Ratigan’s Great 28 Debate: (slight but important edits inspired by fantastic feedback from souls from #occupyDC) : 12/15/11) (for version history, see the protected version of this at the lessig-wiki). For the purpose of … Continue reading

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