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The Economist Weighs In

Anonymous at the Economist (because everyone at the Economist is anonymous) has weighed into the debate between Ezra and me with an important question, and an incomplete answer. They [allow me this grammatical mistake so I don’t have to say … Continue reading

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A no-lobbying pledge

<BEGIN Research Request> Is there any useful precedent for a “No lobbying pledge”? There are a number of people who have been fishing around for the most effective way to do this, and some candidates for Congress who have begun … Continue reading

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Responding to Rick's Response

Rick Hasen responded to my response to his question. I return the favor here.  Once again, and nicely summarized by him, I don’t like the non-transparency of AE. I have criticized it and I agree it should be criticized. But my … Continue reading

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On the Anonymous Donors to Americans Elect

The great Rick Hasen tweets:  Hey @Lessig, do you still support #AmericansElect given their transparency problem? I’ve spun through stages in my thinking about Americans Elect. As I describe in One Way Forward, at first I was not … Continue reading

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Ezra's review

I was very happy to see a review in the New York Review of Books of Republic, Lost. (My first in that publication, ever!). Ezra Klein of the Washington Post does a nice job in surfacing a critical part of … Continue reading

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On making visible the Anti-Corruption Movement

The standard line of the political pundits is that Americans don’t care about the corruption of their government. That the issue doesn’t, as I was lectured by panelists on a Dan Rather show, “move any votes.” I don’t buy it. … Continue reading

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On "loving" Barack Obama

I was on @MorningJoe today with @BuddyRoemer, talking about (surprise, surprise) money in politics. Mika asked me whether I thought that in 2008, Obama was a Roemer-like reformer. Of course he was!, I said. But then I said something that … Continue reading

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