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"Lord, let my work matter enough that its critics at least know what I say…"

The Great Bob Kohn — Kohn on Music Licensing, eMusic, and now RoyaltyShare — felt it important to launch a twitter-snit against me, after I tweeted that I was going to deliver the commencement address at my high school (33 … Continue reading

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Commencement Address to Atlanta's John Marshall Law School

I was asked to post the text to the Commencement Address I gave at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School on May 19. With some hesitation (as tongue-in-cheek gets lost in writing), and with one important clarification (the corruption alleged was … Continue reading

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Americans Elect and "neutrality"

John Lumea has a piece criticizing Americans Elect and me about “neutrality.” I don’t agree with the criticism, nor with the genre of criticism it represents. (And this is really bad form but this has to be a hit and … Continue reading

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Why doesn't T-Mobile work at ORD?

So useless customer support forces me to this public place to ask this not-quite-public question: Why doesn’t T-Mobile work at ORD?  <BEGIN quasi-geeky-tech-question> Since upgrading to OS X 10.7.3, logging onto wifi networks has been much more difficult. At ORD, … Continue reading

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Republic, Lost: Errors, small?

Republic, Lost is going into paperback this fall. I’ve been grateful to all who have sent corrections. I’d be grateful for other errors flagged below. Unfortunately this can’t be a rewrite, so even if I should chuck it all and … Continue reading

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SopaTrack: thoughts

Every so often, a beautifully clear and crystalizing innovation happens. Sopatrack feels like one of these. Is it right? Is it true? Is it fair? Those are three distinct questions. I’d be grateful for thoughts about the site. 

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worth it

There are moments when  all this seems worth it.  Few.  Fewer the fewer days I get with my kids. But some.  Today was one.  A guy in a military cap, out of place in an auditorium of law students and … Continue reading

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On the absurd pandering in the Anti-Hilary-Rosen Campaign

Here’s what we know: Our society has not yet achieved sex equality.  Women suffer that inequality differently.  So: In an unscripted television talk show appearance, Hilary Rosen referred to that differently-experienced inequality. She said that Ann Romney has “never worked … Continue reading

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So what exactly is this internet scam about?

Can someone help me understand what this is about?  I joined a forum in order to respond to a comment. Immediately after I joined, I began to receive literally hundreds of emails from other fora I hadn’t joined, each sending … Continue reading

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The Economist Weighs In

Anonymous at the Economist (because everyone at the Economist is anonymous) has weighed into the debate between Ezra and me with an important question, and an incomplete answer. They [allow me this grammatical mistake so I don’t have to say … Continue reading

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