lisa’s songs from the commons

songs from the commons

Lisa Rein, who helped us frame and get Creative Commons going, has launched series on “Songs from the Commons” — this week on my favorite topic, copyright term.

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  1. J.B. Nicholson-Owens says:

    Warning: the website links excusively to MP3 copies of these songs. No other format (such as one free software users would be able to use) is linked to. MP3 is still patent-encumbered and (by all the blind listening tests I’ve seen) inferior to Ogg Vorbis. Ogg’s tagging scheme is objectively superior as well. So much for “best tool for the job”.

    Perhaps more people need to be made aware that there is more than one audio codec, more than one video codec, and that there is nothing wrong with simultaneously pointing to resources encoded in multiple codecs. Hosting is not an excuse anymore, with offering free hosting on a very fast Internet connection.

  2. David says:

    Well, if multiplying x > 2 the encoding time, x Well, if multiplying x > 2 the encoding time, x

  3. David says:

    OK, that comment didn’t work well at all, I should have previewed. I guess I’m used to a more sophisticated blogging software (Free as in speech too, go WordPress).

    Anyway, my point was that having things in two codecs greatly increases complexity. More time to encode, more space required, more software, etc. Also mp3 is probably not patent encumbered for decoding, and if it is I’m fine with ignoring the patent, as software patents are antisocial and should be ignored. They might also be illegal in my jurisdiction, depending on whether the legislator or the EPO is going to have a binding say on the matter.

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