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“limited Times”

Congress has the power to promote the Progress of Science … by securing for limited Times to Authors … exclusive Right to their Writings. If you take that seriously, then it is just not like building a house. If the government takes your house, it must pay you. This says if the government gives you a copyright, it must, after a “limited Time” take it away. Sifry nicely summarizes the argument (which has been remarkably civil) and David raises the ultimate question: How long? I still like Justice Story’s formula: “at as early a period as possible.” Graham and Zerbe… Continue reading

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on my bad grades

So I’ve never received an “F” before, so don’t blame me for appealing c|Net’s grade…. Continue reading

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Open Code = Closed Code?

It was certainly one of the most interesting parts of this most recent “exchange” to be told, by a coder I respect no less, that binaries “reveal all without revealing the source code.” The implication drawn from this was that having access to the source was not important. Indeed, it was a “distraction.” That was a bit of a shock to the way I look at the world. I’m of course not a coder (I did that for many years in my youth, and indeed, for two years earned my keep coding , but my mind has been corrupted by… Continue reading

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true reviews

Alex Golub’s got a scathing review of my OSCON talk. Completely right. This is why I’m moving on from this, quickly. But he also has at the same link a really great song…. Continue reading

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finally finally, some real progress

So out of the muck, Sheila has pushed the idea of picking two candidates, one D and on R, to defeat in the fall. She nicely suggests an organization to start. She also describes Coble’s (R, NC) libertarain opponent, supported by Dave Winer, Tara Grubb. Man, that would be a coup. Just the sort of thing they would say the geeks could never do. Doc’s got a nice email from Timothy Phillips (who has been a key contributor to the Eldred case from the start) pushing my hero Hank Perritt, and opposing Mary “Sonny thought copyright should be forever” Bono…. Continue reading

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finally, some progress.

This just in from Gary Murphy. Now we just need some tunes, and then we’ll have a movement… From: Gary Murphy Subject: I had a little agent In his OSCON address free culture defender Lawrence Lessig laments that he’d like to write a song to help his cause, but he can’t — I Had A Little Agent ———————— (words by Gary Murphy) I had a little agent, my agent pleased me. I fed my agent from the Greenback Tree. And my little agent did diddily-squat did diddily did diddily did diddily-squat I had some musicians, my musicians pleased me. I… Continue reading

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In Reponse to Dave Winer

I’ve been hiding for the last few weeks trying to finish the reply brief in the Eldred case. (Check out the briefs on the other side. My favorite is the RIAA’s, which begins “The RIAA and its members are dedicated defenders of the First Amendment and vigorously oppose government-sponsored censorship in all its forms.” That’s apparently the mini-me version of the RIAA. Also check out which is giving away free (as in beer) “Free the Mouse” bumperstickers. ) But today I started getting a bunch of frantic emails from people telling me that I needed to respond to Dave… Continue reading

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