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Legal scholar and developer of the Creative Commons licenses that have opened up access to intellectual property old and new, Lawrence Lessig has also been focused on the corrupting influence of money on American elections and politics. Earlier this month he “retired” his popular lecture about this issue and spoke with AMp hosts Brian Babylon and Molly Adams this morning about his hopes for transforming Legislator’s dependence on funders’ money and not on voter’s opinions.

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  1. juli says:

    Thanks Lessig we know that youalso been focused on the corrupting influence of money on American elections and politics. Carry on this work in future.

  2. Guy says:

    i was surprised to see lawrences name on the guest list for the bilderberg meeting this year. i wonder what lawrence will gain from this?

  3. topdiablo3 says:

    Thanks Lessig we know that youalso been focused on the corrupting influence of money on American elections and politics. Carry on this work in future.

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  6. Aaron’s case is just one of many cases where prosecutors use these tactics to get to a plea bargain. I know from first hand experience that this “extremism” has indeed crept into our statutes/laws. And I’ve been asking myself how the hell has this come to be? I mean who decided that these laws made sense? And since our ordeal with my klima servisi son being arrested for an internet crime and then subsequently sentenced, I’ve come to discover so much injustice within the justice system that I’m still reeling in shock and disbelief. You can’t imagine who weird it all is until it happens to you, and it happened to us.

  7. I don’t think people know this but the police are sanctioned, or they’ve not been challenged yet, to do broad searches vestel klima servisi for particular files to locate people with these ‘notable’ files on their computer, they then do a one-to-one connection to this person’s computer, apparently to obtain more evidence, all without a warrant.
    If they do this, for any law, then what’s stopping them from invading anyone’s computer?

  8. klima servis says:

    I cannot imagine your anguish. Thank you for letting us in, through your writing. It is good to hear that it is serving you well at this difficult time.
    Aaron’s story is such an important one. I hope more people hear about it. Our society is so infatuated with winning, with always being right, that we often miss opportunities at making the world more beautiful. klima servisi Sometimes all that means is being able to stop and listen. If we can learn to do more of that, all of us will be better off.

  9. klima says:

    “We love you Aaron, humanity loves you. Thank you for all the good you did to us. You left this world only to enter our hearts and become our source of inspiration. Thus, you are more alive than ever. Dear Aaron, YOU SUCCEEDED: far from destroying you, the enemy baymak kombi servisi contributed to transform you in a hero reborn in the hearts of millions, who will carry on your fight for Justice. Now, we are all you, WE ARE ALL AARON SWARTZ. We love you Aaron.”

  10. klimaservisi says:

    I have been browsing online more than 2 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It’s pretty worth eca kombi servisi enough for me. In my opinion, if all site owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the internet will be a lot more useful than ever before.

  11. klimaservis says:

    One felony conviction is all that’s needed to take an activist out. Federal prosecutor’s have been using this tactic to take political activists out of circulation. It’s a shabby way to do it. But it works. The crime doesn’t matter. In this case it was violating a click-through agreement. But for an activist who will undoubtedly return to court, that single felony count raises the potential for more serious prison time the second or third go around. demirdökümkombi servisi

  12. klima tamiri says:

    That single count limits actions and activities, the ability to organize, to share information, to be uncompromisable demirdöküm among your peers. After you accept your plea deal and do your stint in federal prison, you write a book. You turn pro. You go on TV. You put your kids through college.

  13. servis says:

    But you don’t organize, unless you want to spend some serious prison time as a result of your next political action. Federal prosecutors were stripping Swartz of something essential to his life. Did Aaron weigh it out in demirdöküm soba servisi the starkest of terms? — freedom for conscientious political action or nothing.

  14. You are so very right. I have had the chance to witness the terrorism or the the DA very close hand for the past few years and I have read much in legal journals over that time. I am also IT, but this matter is not IT. I have been demirdöküm servis researching and I see it done for money, personal connections, politics, and DA career and it scares the hell out of me. My attitude towards my country and our legal system has gone through an awful transition as my eyes have been opened to the corruption and injustice in our legal system.

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