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Corruption Lecture – alpha version

As promised, here’s the first lecture on corruption. It is an alpha version. I’m eager for comments and feedback. My first written feedback came from Aaron Swartz, with whom I had conspired last winter about making this move. I’ll post his comments and some replies later today. I’ve also set up a page on the wiki where I will collect significant versions of the argument. Summary and criticism there would be helpful. Continue reading

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Disclosure Statement 2.0: The Independence Principle

On Tuesday I give my first cut at this question of corruption in a public lecture at Stanford.
One part of my research leading up to this talk has led me to redescribe what before I was calling the “Noncorruption Principle.” I now think a better way to describe this idea is with the notion of “independence.” The aspiration I would commend is to maintain independence.
I hope to have a version of the talk available here afterwards. Continue reading

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