as seen on TV

Order before midnight tonight.

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  1. Zeldo The Magnificent says:

    Methinks Larforth Lesforth has been listening to too much Garofalo. It’s typical of liberal professors to make fun of their stupid students, the stupid world, the stupid everything…but the real joke is that people pay $30,000 a year to listen to people saying “look how stupid people are” after they deliberately concoct the joke for themselves. Their humor is too smart for the rest of us, and oh boy do they like it that way.

  2. Zeldo The Magnificent says:

    You also have to love some of the other things at jwalk, specially the Bob Dobbs Annoying Background:

    Click #6 if you’re not epileptic!

    Course, you can always go here to find out where Largorth Messforth gets his kicks…….

    All undergraduates can find it in their bookstores! And Messforth is deeply trying to BE an undergraduate again…except he’s not a Yeti…or a Pink…or a…schwa…he’s a LAW PROFESSOR!


  3. Richard says:

    Thought you’d be interested in latest developments in Japanese DRM fight. Take a look at

  4. Zeldo The Magnificent says:

    Hey! Beat Worshippers! Lessdoerf was “the last na�ve law professor.” Just rolling in the grass, with a nose for smelly bottoms! Wow!

    ‘Course he went to Harvard Law, and smelled the bottoms at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin and the University of Chicago! Balls tossing in the air! So many to chase! Wow!

    He’s a visionary, he’s hot shit! Hitching a ride in the freight car of postindustrial commerce! Seeking the nature of the Great Code! With a kitty in his arms! Wow! Innocence!

    Baby, he’s no baby.


  5. Zeldo The Magnificent says:

    Even Better! Wow! Now that Lumforth has a kid, he’s only two degrees of separation from and!

    Don’t believe me! Believe “Bob!”

    “Ideally, we’d have a porno banner next to a 700 Club banners next to a Greenpeace ad on top of an NRA ad, a vodka ad with a MADD link, etc.”

    – Lesforth Doctrine

    Corollary of the skip the intermediaries principle. It’s jes’ a big share zone! Ethernet hash! Number One!


  6. David Jefferson says:

    Can someone turn off the incoherent noise coming from this self-important, flame-throwing windbag Zeldo? Is the Lessig blog his own private drool space?

  7. Zeldo The Magnificent says:

    Hey, baby — all you had to do was ask! Here, I’ll do it myself. Larforth won’t, though — cause nobody can tell a chancer to stop, ‘cept some saltwater, maybe. And hey, climbing to the Olympian heights, I hope you smell the bottoms! Wow! Appeal to Authority!


  8. Ryan says:

    Y’know, you really are annoying? Did you get kicked out of a university which your parents spent thousands on, only to now live with them at the age of 35, with nothing better to do then leech on your neighbors Wi-Fi connection so you can post garbage like this?

  9. Zeldo's Wife Zelda says:

    Zeldo never attended a university, and sadly he doesn’t have any parents or neighbors, because he is a character, like me. He’s a grouchy, immature, annoying character who says things people don’t like to hear, especially about idealistic, quasi-ideological professors he thinks are rockstars. That’s why I love him. And I love Professor Lessig too, because obviously although Lessig couldn’t possibly like him, he understands free speech and hasn’t tried to squash him like a bug, which would leave me a heartbroken, penniless widow. Luckily, I’ve managed to convince Zeldo that I’m going to leave him unless he gets a real job and builds me a new house, so the thin-skinned here won’t have to worry about hearing from him at least until the foundation is poured and he screws up the septic system.

    Kisses, Zelda.

  10. donotfeedthetrolls says:

    Please do not feed the trolls.

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