Speaking at University of NH Monday

Next steps of the rebellion described. Come if you can. 
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  1. Squal Lionheart says:

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  2. Liz says:

    Was this recorded and where might we view it? Thanks!

  3. balagan123 says:

    Your ted talk starts with what seems to be a complete irrelevance about the small glitch in a computer chip but of course, it wasn’t irrelevant at all. I will start the same way. Have you seen the TED talk by George Monbiot (sp?) about rewilding. In it he talks about trophic cascades and specifically uses the example of the effect of bringing back the wolf to Yellowstone.
    If you succeed in getting the money out of politics, you will start a ‘political cascade’ and likely this will cause a ecological cascade. I don’t think it is too bombastic to suggest that this could save our way of life and possibly even our species. With the money out of politics, a different breed of people would likely go into politics and with motivations, not to enrich themselves but to make a difference. They would have the mother of all bun fights but might just possibly be able to back down the fossil fuel industry and get our economies on to a sustainable basis. This would be only one of many fights. Getting the banks sorted out would be another.

  4. Simon McHugh says:

    Please be buoyed by the fact that political reformist around the world, not just in America, want the money taken out of US Politics.
    In Australia we stand by you and want Revolution.
    Simon McHugh – Getup Australia

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