Spencer didn't like the book


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Spence Ante didn’t like Remix.

But Remix is Lessig’s weakest effort to date, a derivative essay that rehashes a lot of his older work. Like Martin Scorsese doing another mobster flick, Lessig seems uninspired, groping for a fresh take on familiar themes. Most annoying, he devotes only the last 35 pages of the book to his reform plan, and some of those ideas are not even that new.

But he does give me a chance to share this beautiful picture from laihiu.

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4 Responses to Spencer didn't like the book

  1. Whoa. Writing on our conceptual model for knowledge resource management (integrating people & information to balance the sometimes opposing interests of learning and compliance). Guess a thick skin is in order.

    Considering the risk averse nature of Hong Kong and the expertise with which China (as its competitor rather than governor) has built upon derivation to spark the drive toward innovation, I always get a kick out of critics whose plane of observation tends to be derivative in itself. But, I have yet to read Remix…perhaps I am being unkind 😉

    Sorry to miss your talk in Hong Kong. We’re in Bangkok , returning later in the month. If your plans include a stop here before Nov. 14, feel free to give a shout. Would be pleased to connect.

  2. Rick says:

    I haven’t read the book yet either but look forward to it. Perhaps the release timing has turned out to be unfortunate. There’s a lot of negative thinking out there and it’s hard for us humanoids to keep it from influencing all that we do. Or maybe it’s just that “Joe Friday” grinding through the facts and the BS down to a rational proposition just ain’t sexy. Where’s the plot twist, the profound insight?
    Here’s a thought for the next project. Take all that superb knowledge and insight and let loose the anger and frustration that (I strongly suspect) is in there. Just let ‘er rip and title it “Fear and Loathing in Cyberspace.” Okay, you’ll have to give up any thought of working in government but, on the other hand, you may have a legitimate shot at immortality.

  3. joy says:

    my copy finally arrived! And then my husband immediately swiped it – dinner conversation now revolves around Remix (when not focused on the election). Can’t wait to swipe it back from him.

    best wishes!

  4. Drummond Bass says:

    ” dinner conversation now revolves around Remix “

    Must be one hell of an interesting household.

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