On Bilderberg

I was invited to the Bilderberg conference this year — embarrassed I hadn’t known anything about it before, and more embarrassed I hadn’t known anything about the controversy around it. 

But having been there, and done that, I confess I don’t get the outrage. 

It’s a conference. There’s no agreements, or planning, or anything beyond people speaking in panels, and people asking questions (or “asking questions”) of the speakers. Or at least that I saw. (Sure, it might have been that between 10pm and 8am (the only time we had off) there were secret meetings held by the rulers of the world. Suffice it, they didn’t invite me to them if they indeed were happening.)

The venue was nice, but not opulent.  The topics were wide ranging. There was a great panel on Syria and on medical research, but every other panel was interesting as well. The audience wasn’t representative of the world, but it was mixed. There were strong critics; there were views expressed that most there didn’t agree; and there were more of that than came just from me. 

True, the meeting is conducted with Chatham House Rules, meaning while the ideas expressed can be shared, the identity of speaker can’t be shared. Again, I don’t get the outrage about this. I’ve been to many conferences with the same rules, and many times I’ve recognized why they make sense. Especially if you’re someone in authority — CEO of a company or minister of a government — while you should be held accountable for your words, it’s fair your words not be taken out of context. Or at least, I get why people would only choose to participate if they were confident of this modest protection.

There’s a business model to protest. I get that. There’s value in rallying the people. But here was yet another time I thought: if only we could get this sort of passion directed against something real, or something that mattered. Outrage about people meeting to hear at least some ideas they don’t agree with doesn’t seem to me to be the highest and best use of outrage. 

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  1. Shirley somebody says:

    How can I help with this cause
    i am ready willing and quite able and determined to help in any way i can
    any way i can

    • Scott says:

      Shirley, you and I both! I am tired of bringing the light whilst having the ability to trump with the dark, we need like minded souls to begin to assemble. Our futures future, depends upon it now. – sb

  2. Scott says:

    Hey man, it is about time our nation birthed a lawyer with love. Contact me, world change awaits. -SB

  3. Nick says:

    I had never heard of it before. Thank you for bringing it to light. This conference sounds very interesting and I would love to at least attend this or something similar.

  4. Pseudonym says:

    Whenever powerful people get together and talk in private, someone thinks there’s a sinister (apologies to left-handed people) conspiracy going on.

  5. PurrlGurrl says:

    Saying “Bilderberg” is like waving a red cape at a bull when it comes to conspiracy theory cultists, whether they be far right or far left. It seems to tie into their “New World Order” fears (a phrase always taken out of context and completely misunderstood) of a secret, elite cabal taking over the world.
    You’ve confirmed what I always suspected about Bilderberg; it’s a revolving group of business executives and political leaders getting together annually to try to figure where the world is heading so they can position the entities for which they’re responsible to meet ongoing and emerging challenges. Because, basically, despite their money and power, they’re just as befuddled by it all as us plebes. : )

  6. This is the new thing i heard… thanks for such a lovely post dear

  7. Lukas says:

    Dear Mr. Lessig, your innocent view on Bilderberg might be caused by the fact that you have a position inside the establishment. Although your ideas about reform of the electoral process have seduced me I understand now, that there are some other things you would never consider to reform. You in fact don’t want to reform the system, you just want adjustments inside. Look at the long list of all the people invited to Bilderberg and you see there is a picture emerging… You are one of them Mr. Lessig and we will consider your opposition to the electoral system in another way in the future. Controlled opposition.

  8. topdiablo3 says:

    This conference sounds very interesting and I would love to at least attend this or something similar.

  9. A1 Park says:

    I have heard of these meetings, some people really think they are planning NWO over there, thanks for highlithing the issue

  10. ernstgruengast says:

    Larry, Since Chatham House rules do allow you to talk about what was discussed (just not who said what), and the published Agenda was woefully inadequate (“Topic: Foreign Affairs” – Ahem), it would be really helpful, especially to diffuse the suspicions of which you speak and about which thousands of people gathered outside this Watford hotel for the whole weekend, if you would write up your experience of the scope of discussion, positions represented, points of approximate concensus / dispute etc.

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  14. George Gallagher says:

    Lessig’s explanation of Bilderberg meeting is utter nonsense…example:
    A meeting in June in Europe of the Bilderberg Group – an informal club of leading politicians, businessmen and thinkers chaired by Mr Davignon – could also “improve understanding” on future action, in the same way it helped create the euro in the 1990s, he said.
    “When we were having debates on the euro, people [at Bilderberg events] could explain why it was worth taking risks and the others, for whom the formal policy was not to believe in it, were not obliged not to listen and had to stand up and come up with real arguments.”
    Attendees of Bilderberg are violating The Logan Act states, in part: “Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

  15. George Gallagher says:

    Marcus Agius Senior Bilderberg Member –
    Who is Marcus Agius?
    Marcus Agius, the chairman of Barclays Bank, has resigned as the row intensified over the Libor rate-fixing scandal. Here, we take a closer look at his CV.

  16. George Gallagher says:

    Lessig serves on the Board of the AXA Research Fund –
    Bilderberg members: Who’s going to the 2015 secret summit?
    Castries, Henri de Chairman and CEO, AXA Group FRA
    Henri de Castries might just be the most powerful man in the world. He is chief executive and chairman of one of the world’s biggest insurers, Axa, and a member of France’s illustrious noble house of Castries. But De Castries is also chairman of the Bilderberg group, a collection of political and business leaders from Europe and North America that meets in private every year to debate “megatrends and major issues facing the world”

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