Reviews that get it

It was a tough morning swallowing Spencer’s review. My reaction was — “really, that’s what you see in the book?!” None of the key points that made it worth my writing the book were visible to him (or at least, as evinced by the review). And that, frankly, was astonishing, and astonishingly depressing.

But it is the end of the day (here in Hong Kong), and with it comes a review by Kathleen Fitzpatrick, that is actually about the stuff in this book that is what the book’s about, and new (and of course, as I think, important). What the book “is” of course is hard to say. But her review is actually a review of the book I thought I wrote.

Most amazing fact of the day however: I posted a Flickr image of the cover of the book to distract from the Spencer review. I didn’t know the photographer, and certainly didn’t know where she was from. I’m not even quite sure how I even came across the image. But after my talk here in Hong Kong, she came up to me. She had seen the image on my blog.

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  1. laihiu says:

    happy to have made your day an amazing one =)
    see you tomorrow again at the launch!

    – the girl who took the pic

  2. remix is a great work no matter what spencer e ante thinks. and the anecdote at the end, where the photographer who’s image you used came up to you, i think beautifully illustrates the entire point. you were able to reuse her image without asking her permission but that underlying it all, creative commons is as much about copyright licenses as it is about a sharing ethic.

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