Presidential Tech Debate


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  1. Steve Baba says:

    “This event is now full, but will be WEBCAST LIVE on this page starting at 12:25 pm EST.”


    The free lunch and networking would have been nice, but one of the “advantages” of the Internet is that one can particiapate at an noninteractive level online.

    I don’t know enough about the New America Foundation if they record events so that one can watch later, not in real time??????

  2. Alan Thiesen says:

    Here is an excellent (IMO) post on McCain’s tech policy. The writer, Harold Feld, is a public interest attorney specializing in communications issues.

    If you think it is inappropriate for me to point out other bloggers here, please let me know and I won’t do it again. (But I found your blog via Harold.)

  3. Kevin Werbach says:

    Holtz-Eakin cancelled at the last minute. So the “debate” wound up being a conversation with Reed Hundt.

    In a way, it was perfectly symbolic. The difference between Obama and McCain on technology policy is less about disagreements on specific issues, and more about whether it’s important to have a technology policy to begin with. Reed made an effective case that the success of the Obama campaign reflects an understanding of the power of connected technologies to build communities and mobilize people, which would carry over in an Obama Administration.

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