On the state of the “farce”

Walter Shapiro has a pretty nasty piece about the Mayday PAC in Politico (“The PAC to End All…

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  1. Wm Busa says:

    Seems to be a developing meme among Mayday supporters and leaders alike that any seriously critical public questioning of Mayday’s strategy from left-of-center is “pretty nasty” (recently I’ve also heard the phrases “smear campaign,” “trolling,” “doing real damage,” “name calling,” and “doing whatever [they] can to tear down Mayday,” as well). C’mon, man: cowboy up. The fact is that there needs to be a very robust public discussion on the left (i.e., on the side that is overwhelmingly bankrolling Mayday) regarding the wisdom or lack thereof of your strategy. Since Mayday has done zero to promote that open debate (and everything it can to discourage it), others have to do that work despite you. And since Mayday has a $12M megaphone (or is it $8M, or $7M, or $6M?) whereas those on the left who question it have coffee money between them, it’s a reasonable strategy (call it “ironic,” if you will) to stir the pot a bit in order to be heard over Mark McKinnon’s noise machine. The term of art here is “politics.” If you’re going to dabble in that art, you really should try to become more comfortable with its brushes and paints.

    OK, OK, you’re Gumby, dammit. I get it.

    • TimHuegerich says:

      There’s a difference between criticism and ignorant hostility. Like Shapiro’s incoherent hit piece (which asks “where on the political map…will Lessig…prove to skeptics that campaign reform is a potent voting issue?” but then, by the time it presents the information needed to recognize that the Shea-Porter race provides one answer, seems to have conveniently forgotten the question), your jibes reveal a very basic lack of understanding. Here’s just one example of the free-for-all discussions that have taken place about the shape of Mayday: http://techpresident.com/news/25183/lawrence-lessig-12-million-super-pac-fix-campaign-finance Between blog comments, Facebook groups, IRC, twitter, and reddit, the discussion and debate has been intense and wide-ranging – with Lessig and other insiders participating in a robust way. So it’s hard for me to understand what you mean when you say “Mayday has done zero to promote that open debate (and everything it can to discourage it),” but I’m open to being educated if you are willing to provide specifics to back up that accusation.

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