Elizabeth Warren should run for president. I’ll explain why April 20 in NYC.

From everything I know, running for president is really, really hard. Most sane people would hate…

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  1. planetxan says:

    Can I guess? – “Upset by Warren, U.S. banks debate halting some campaign donations” – http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/03/27/us-usa-election-banks-idUSKBN0MN0BV20150327

  2. David says:

    I hope your April 20th talk addresses points 2-7.
    First, Thank You for standing up with time, money and energy for what our Country needs.
    Second, In my opinion, Elizabeth does not have a prayer in 2016 against Jeb Bush. Yes, Elizabeth has the best mindset for key issues we believe in; but she does not have the legs and underpinning for a serious campaign with her short resume and low recognition rating.
    Third, our only chance to nominate a Democratic Party candidate that might beat the billions that will back Bush and beat the 24/7 Fox News drumbeat for Bush is Hillary.
    Fourth, any Warren primary campaign by definition will have to “beat up” on Hillary, at the risk of diluting Hillary’s time, energy, money, diluting Democratic Party focus, and forcing Warren supporters to provide additional ammunition for the Republicans to defeat Hillary, the Democratic Party’s eventual nominee. With no primary fights the Democrats hit the 2016 campaign like a tsunami. With the terrible liberal infighting a Warren candidacy will cause during the primaries and convention, the Democrats come to the real fight exhausted with the Warren team possibly opting out from the real campaign, virtually assuring a Bush win.
    Fifth, I would love to vote for Elizabeth Warren. I was “Clean For Gene”, so, my credentials are solid. But I don’t want a “Bush Vs Gore” close race with a Bush victory. Hillary has the “chops” and experience and yes the “unsavory” “politically-wise” compromises to win (I hope they are compromises.) Bill Clinton back in the White House is hard on Bill but good for the US. The Clintons in the White House hit the ground running. Elizabeth, and I love her strength and philosophy, would spend the first 2 months figuring out how to get around the White House and understanding Secret Service protocols, the 1,000 and one choices you have to make daily as to your schedule and prioritization, and 4 years establishing all those relationships you need domestically and internationally to be an effective President of the United States.
    Sixth, with Hillary the bankers will have a reasonably effective watch dog. With Jeb Bush the Bankers will have the run of the House, the White House.
    Seventh, groom Warren’s national and international resume for a 2020 and a 2024 Presidential campaign. That may be what you are doing. We need the Warren point-of-view conversation. Maybe the “Warren” group puts in a plank or two in the Democratic convention platform. We just don’t need a bloody primary. I hope your effort doesn’t backfire with a Bush victory.
    Again, thank you.

  3. Alan St. John says:


    If as David commented earlier, Elizabeth Warren indeed wouldn’t stand a chance in a presidential run because she’d lack the wherewithal to overcome the Big Money Machine, can I ask what’s perhaps a rather naive question?

    For the ultimate campaign finance reform, how about pushing for a constitutional amendment making it the law of the land that ONLY public funds can be used for the public vote? NO outside money of any kind allowed. With all funding coming from a small obligatory yearly tax chipped in by all citizens, each candidate would receive the same amount of money and free time on public radio/television, effectively leveling the playing field. In one fell swoop, that would take care of the problem of corrupting big money flowing into our election system. If all of the progressive activist groups focused like a laser-beam on this single issue with petitions and public demonstrations, maybe it could happen?

  4. sofianitz says:


    About your “Move On” post

    Elizabeth Warren is too valuable a
    political resource to be wasted on the irretrievably corrupt and
    hopeless Democratic Party. There is no longer any organized structure
    within the US system of power through which the needs of working people
    can be addressed. We need a new party. Doesn’t matter if the new party
    loses the next 4 Presidential elections. I’m thinking that people will
    not be too happy with Ted Cruz as their President, so this might be a
    good thing, wake them up a bit. Let’s not give the US electorate a
    necessarily compromised alternative, like Elizabeth Warren (If she has
    half a brain she will dis-associate herself from the Democratic
    Presidential Campaign). As for Hillary? Cold-blooded murderer. I’d
    rather have Ted Cruz. Or Vladimir Putin.

    Larry. I know
    you’ve had some reversals, appear to be confused (who isn’t?). Get a
    grip. Think long range. Shame on you for lending your name to these
    “Move-On” manipulators. The only reason for having a left-leaning
    candidate in the 2016 Democratic presidential campaign (doesn’t matter
    whether they win or lose – doesn’t matter the slightest bit) is to herd
    the progressive forces, like sheep, into a killing corral, and betray
    them! We’ve all see this movie, Larry. Wake up, and get back in the
    fight! You’re a good guy, and a very creative thinker, and I have the
    utmost respect for you. But I wouldn’t give “Move-On” a nickel. I’d
    give it to Ted Cruz first, just to see how fucked up things have to get
    before they get better.

  5. mayhap says:

    She’s terrible on every single issue. She’s even against marijuana legalization. A BIG pass for me.


    She’s super far from being classical liberal, which is a big issue from me. Marijuana is a big deal because it’s about ownership about your own body. If she can’t even recognize that, why would I want her in power? She’s not going to let me live my life as I see fit, that much is clear.

    Oh, and I”m very disappointed in you, MR. Lessig.

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  7. Ethan Bryan says:

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