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An "unusually partisan" truth we need the courage to tell

@jxchristopher writes of my latest piece in The Atlantic: 
jxchristopher: Unusually partisan for you, Professor @Lessig – you’re much more persuasive when striking at roots rather than branches
It is true, the piece is, and… Continue reading

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On the sidewalks with No Money Mike

My family and I spent a couple hours with Mike Connolly (@nomoneyconnolly) and his fiance, Kacy, talking to Cambridge voters yesterday. Connolly is running for State Representative in a district that straddles Cambridge and Somerville. He’s a &… Continue reading

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An amazing Vermont Amendment Weekend

Back from an amazing Vermont Amendment Weekend. Scores organizing to discuss the next steps to pushing corruption out of this government. Last year, Vermont passed a resolution demanding Congress propose an amendment reversing the hated Citizens Unite… Continue reading

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Vermont's first "Amendment Weekend"

I’m excited and honored (and happy I get to bring my family) to be participating in Vermont’s first “Amendment Weekend.” Here’s the program. Click on the RSVP at the bottom if you want to participate. 
Amendment Weeken… Continue reading

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Critically important new legislation introduced by (certain to be hero of this movement) Representative Sarbanes

I’ve been a fan of Congressman Sarbanes (D-MD) (son of Paul Sarbanes) for sometime. I wrote about his Grassroots Democracy work in HuffPo last December. Today, Sarbanes did something critically important for the anti-corruption movement: He intro… Continue reading

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Believe the data: Important Safra Lab Research results

In my capacity as director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics, which runs a Lab studying “institutional corruption,” I am incredibly happy to report this very significant finding in a study we helped to support. 
A string of research… Continue reading

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Chided for not being enough of a Rootstriker

Joseph writes to ask me to stay root-focused: 
Recently, a friend chided me for being overly concerned with the issue of corruption in Congress and in the Executive branch of our government while ignoring the other important issues confro… Continue reading

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Neutralizing Citizens United

There may be a way to neutralize Citizens United without amending the Constitution. I missed the chance to describe it last month when I testified before a subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee, though explained it in a followup letter to Sena… Continue reading

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For the record:
With some sadness, and lots of excitement, I report that my assistant, Szelena Gray, is about to become my former assistant, and move to California to take over the lead of Rootstrikers. She has been amazing, which is why the bigger cau… Continue reading

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On the fight for liberty: July 4, 2012

Bassel by Joi Ito, on Flickr
Today, in America, we celebrate the declaration of our independence from Britain. If you read the list of wrongs that led those Americans to “dissolve the bands” which tied them to their forebears, and contrast… Continue reading

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