Happy Birthday, CC

Creative Commons turns four tomorrow. On December 16, 2002, in San Francisco, we launched this licensing project. Within a year, there were a million licenses. Within two years, 12m. Within three years, around 40m. At four, Google reports us close to 150 million licenses. I’m in Portugal to launch the 34th country ported — with Willem (age 3), who proudly marched around the event with a sticker on his shirt, explaining to everyone that it meant “ke-ative koms.”

I’ll be in Second Life at the CC pod at 10pm San Francisco time (6am Portugal time) to join the party, and make at least one announcement. But meanwhile, enjoy this fantastic card from one of CC’s better ideas — iCommons.

(here’s the original)

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  1. That image is being browser-scaled; that is, the actual size of the image is different from the size that the HTML says it should appear. The entire large image still has to download for it to be displayed, so it’s slow to load, and the scaling itself causes many browsers to pause in rendering. It would be better to create a new scaled version of the image the size you want it to appear, and include that on the page instead of the original large version with scaling tags.

  2. Janet Hawtin says:

    Nice effort in four years!
    Its great that so many people want to license their work CC
    Is there info on which licences were used?

  3. MasTer says:

    People are often very kind (at least to me) about my speeches, But the truly inspired rhetorician of our age is. Eben Moglen, Here’s a video of his keynote at the Plone conference in Seattle.

  4. ACS says:

    Hello all

    I would like to take this oppurtunity to congratualte Prof Lessig and the creative commons project. As many of you know I am strongly in favour of intellectual property rights and I cannot think of another scheme like creative commons that has allowed the sharing of copyright materials (except for computer code, of course) within the rules of intellectual property. The concept of amending licences to carry out the noble virtue of altruism is truly inspired and has clearly invigourated the public to bring forth their own contributions to society.

    So congratulations and have a merry christmas.
    Alex Stewart

  5. KD says:

    So, what was the announcement?


  6. Kang says:

    Admire your effort and nice persistence in your work. Happy birthday to four anniversary!

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