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One More Try: The Rules Versus the Game

I believe that corruption hurts both the (populist) Left and the (populist) Right. And because I believe it hurts both of us populists, I believe there is a reason to try to engage with people I otherwise disagree with. Continue reading

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A Reply to the @EdgeofSports: Who Exactly Are the 99%?

Those who see the Occupy movement as a movement of the Left need to tell me how calling people you disagree with "racists" is going to get us the super majority it takes to make any fundamental changes in this country, under this broken political system. Continue reading

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Something More Than Polarization

We can’t afford to simply indulge the passion of our differences. Not anymore. The challenges we face as a nation are just too great. It is time for us to practice a politics that doesn’t fit the business model of Fox v. MSNBC. Continue reading

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A Letter to the #Occup(iers): The Principle of Non-Contradiction

There is no liberal, or libertarian, or conservative who should defend the corruption or our political system. Continue reading

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#OccupyWallSt v2: What Cross-Partisanship Must Mean

We must find a way to work with people we don’t agree with to make this Republic work again. Yet as I walked through the Occupy Wall St. protest Wednesday, and asked people about such cross-partisanship, I was not encouraged. Continue reading

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#OccupyWallSt, Then #OccupyKSt, Then #OccupyMainSt

It is way too early, and perhaps even a bit crazy, to see an American Spring in the growing protests on Wall Street. Yet. But there is no doubt that if there is one place in America that these protests should begin, it is there, and it is now. Continue reading

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