<This idea is REALLY late, but> Tuesday, November 19, is…

Tuesday, November 19, is #[email protected] What if we organized public readings of the address? If we had a Google Mashup, which people could use to claim a corner, we could encourage as many  simultaneous readings across the country as possible. The idea would be that at, say, 12:15pm, across as many corners as possible, the Address would be read by as many people as possible. 

Can anyone hack such an app quickly? Can you let me know? comments at lessig dot org.

For those words, uttered seven-score and ten years ago, are increasingly relevant today.

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  1. Scott Scioli says:

    Professor Lessig
    Nice idea!
    Depending on exactly what you would like to do – rather than trying to hack an app up, a Google “Hangout” or Google Hangouts on Air may be ideal.
    If you want to get people reading the Address online/live and broadcast it to others who can view the reading/session live – then Hangouts on Air would work nicely. Moreover, at the conclusion of the event – the entire event will be rendered almost instantly to YouTube. The Hangout can last up to 2 hours – so you could have a slew of folks reading it, or you could have some people read it and then have a discussion. An unlimited number of folks can tune in live through Youtube – so there are no bandwidth issues to speak of. The Hangout “room” where the speakers broadcast from has a limited capacity – however each person after their reading could switch to the live broadcast and a new speaker could arrive in the Hangout room.
    I am sure you are familiar with Hangouts – but if not, feel free to contact me if I can help you.
    Kind regards,
    Scott Scioli
    You can email mail or find me on Google+ or Facebook.

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