The "Money Bomb"

The “Money Bomb”:

A super PAC to end all super PACs.

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  1. Stephen freer says:

    LL, hello, Lovin’ yer work. I see a list of bilderburg attendees, & the LL name
    is included. If that is indeed thou, please pray tell all of us fans,
    how it came to pass. We sure hope you, as truth-seeker of noble integrity,
    will return to inform us of what transpired there.
    This diabolical group of plutocrats, war criminals, intent on their nazi-style
    NWO, include Perle/wolfwitz etc. Rotten, evil company to be around, but
    we trust you won’t be corrupted! Keep the ” faith” , my brother in Truth!

  2. Karin says:

    Just say you interviewed by Moyers. Interesing ideas.
    Two thoughts. First, we now know that Obama raised lying (campaign promises) to a high art in 2008, so why would you believe a congressperson who promised to support campaign finance reform?
    Second, have you hooked up with the organization of former Senator Feingold, who is working to achieve the same thing you are.

  3. jim walls says:

    Just heard about your “money bomb”. Can it be expanded to appeal to a “grass-roots” effort.
    Is there a mechanism to accept donations online? Do you have a “think-tank” to implement the Super-Pac idea?

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