On the sad state of our so called democracy

I have a letter in the New York Review of Books responding to Elizabeth Drew’s article about money…

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  2. Leona says:

    “That sounded like the fear expressed so often of a runaway convention — the common bugbear of those opposing an Article V convention.” Well, as for me it’s not a fear. It’s just a foresight. And the attempt to maintain some kind of order, which is already established. According to statistic help, most political figures are conservative and prefer not to change anything, if system is working.

  3. Criat Xavier says:

    There are several models and theories that attempt to characterize and describe democratic systems. In order to have a reference about what defines a democracy we will analyze the model developed by the political theorist Robert Dahl, a modern model that lists the conditions necessary for the processes of choice to represent to the maximum the will of the people.

    These conditions focus more on the process – on the “how” – than on the final outcome (in the “what”). A system that presents all these conditions was called polyarchy, a “government of many,” which would be a kind of democracy that can better absorb differences within society and better reflect the will of the population. The characteristics of polyarchy are:

    Freedom to form and join organizations;
    Freedom of expression;
    Right to vote;
    Eligibility for public office;
    Right of political leaders to contest support and, consequently, win votes;
    Guarantee access to alternative sources of information;
    Free, frequent and appropriate elections;
    Institutions to make government policies dependent on elections and other manifestations of preference of the electorate.
    A system that has all these characteristics could be classified as a polyarchy, or a perfect democracy according to the model developed by Dahl. But in real democratic systems, many of these qualities are absent or not fully satisfied.


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