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Commencement Address to Atlanta's John Marshall Law School

I was asked to post the text to the Commencement Address I gave at Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School on May 19. With some hesitation (as tongue-in-cheek gets lost in writing), and with one important clarification (the corruption alleged was … Continue reading

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Americans Elect and "neutrality"

John Lumea has a piece criticizing Americans Elect and me about “neutrality.” I don’t agree with the criticism, nor with the genre of criticism it represents. (And this is really bad form but this has to be a hit and … Continue reading

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Why doesn't T-Mobile work at ORD?

So useless customer support forces me to this public place to ask this not-quite-public question: Why doesn’t T-Mobile work at ORD?  <BEGIN quasi-geeky-tech-question> Since upgrading to OS X 10.7.3, logging onto wifi networks has been much more difficult. At ORD, … Continue reading

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Republic, Lost: Errors, small?

Republic, Lost is going into paperback this fall. I’ve been grateful to all who have sent corrections. I’d be grateful for other errors flagged below. Unfortunately this can’t be a rewrite, so even if I should chuck it all and … Continue reading

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