from the what-passes-for-lawyering department


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8 Responses to from the what-passes-for-lawyering department

  1. Lance says:

    I wonder if it is the same Gilberto Felix named in this document

  2. What, err, uh, institution gave this person a law degree?

  3. Eve says:

    It’s only fair that the guy who sues everyone gets sued himself once in a while…

  4. Patrick says:

    I wonder what kind of damages could be incurred from wearing tight shorts…

  5. That’s only one page and more readable than most 25-page briefs. But it did not comply with the rules.

  6. health says:

    What, err, uh, institution gave

  7. Lazlo says:

    @Lance: yes, it probably is, given that Mr. Felix filed from federal lockup (note his return address).

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