Enough: Anti-corruption/pro-equality Dems must draw the line with Clinton (aka, Clinton has a Johnson problem)

I’ve got a piece in The Atlantic today that’s been a bit prettified by the headline (”Could Hillary…

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15 Responses to Enough: Anti-corruption/pro-equality Dems must draw the line with Clinton (aka, Clinton has a Johnson problem)

  1. Anne Lane says:

    Read your article. If a politician,after his/her service in office, go on to make a lot of money without chicanry or bilking people/tax payers fine!

  2. Anne Lane says:

    So what’s a Johnson problem? Are you referring to Pres. Johnson? That is the second one.

  3. Wasim Aslam says:

    I strongly agree with the view that Anti-corruption/pro-equality Dems must draw the line with Clinton but I could not understand the context of Johnson problem. parking at luton airport

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