try^d’s first album


Try^d’s first album is now up: title – Public Domain. Available through Opsound and on their site.

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  1. Any chance of getting it up on a bittorrent tracker somwhere? This is a perfect, non-infringing use of that nicely bandwidth-saving technology….


  2. Brock Tice says:

    I tried to post a trackback to this entry when I referenced it, but I can’t find the trackback URL anywhere. Do you have it turned off?

    see my site, if you get the URL I put in above on your end.

  3. John says:

    Hey, professor! Thanks for posting about our album, I hope you like it. 😉

    BTW, the album is not currently available on OpSound, just through the site and (soon) on

  4. icecow says:

    I can’t find a link to a torrent

    I loved the 6-7 song version. Looking forward to the 17 song album.

    Great band

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