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the Internet Vets for Truth

The Internet Vets for Truth have created a site that collects the Election 2004 classic clips, from the Kerry testimony in 1971, to the Pet Goat thirty years later. The site is extremely well done. Continue reading

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The Patent System and Access to Medicine in Developing Countries: Possible Cures

The previous post provided a few facts suggesting the character and seriousness of the current situation involving access to life-saving medicines in developing countries. This post will sketch, just as briefly, some possible solutions to the crisis. Most of these ideas are not my own; they�ve been outlined elsewhere, often in quite detailed form, by other academics, activists, and politicians. Along with (Talha Syed, I�m currently working on an article in which we try to evaluate all of the major pending proposals and suggest a few additional ones of our own. We�d be grateful for reactions to the menu of options set forth below as we hone our essay. Continue reading

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The Patent System and Access to Medicine in Developing Countries: The Problem

The fact that Americans pay more for prescription drugs than do Canadians or most Europeans has been prominent in the news lately. Both Kerry and Bush now promise to do something to reduce the gap. Virtually absent from the public discussion of the issue has been an even more troubling aspect of the way in which prescription drugs are currently distributed: the inability of the residents of developing countries to obtain life-saving drugs at prices they can afford. This post provides a few details concerning the seriousness of that problem. The next post will outline � and solicit reactions to � a few ways in which the problem might be solved or at least mitigated. Continue reading

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America — world leader in technology

But thirteenth in broadband adoption. The amazing non-issue of this campaign. Continue reading

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rediscovering Reagan

So 24 years ago, I was the youngest member of a delegation to the GOP Convention that selected Ronald Reagan as its candidate. I had gone to the convention a Bush supporter. I left a Reagan supporter. Within 5 years, I was a supporter of neither.
But it’s great to feel a revival of Reagan support. Check out this straight-talking Ron Reagan on Crooks and Liars. Bravo, Ron. Continue reading

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Has Bill O'Reilly endorsed anyone yet?

Remember his statement on Good Morning America (3-18-03) (at least according to Warren Zevon):

I said on my program, if, if the Americans go in and overthrow Saddam Hussein and it’s clean, he has nothing, I will apologize to the nation, and I will not trust the Bush administration again.”

So any endorsement yet? Continue reading

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Boy, is it getting ugly

In a huge signal of conservative scepticism, the Economist, after endorsing Bush in 2000, and Dole in 1996, has endorsed Kerry.
And the videos are getting quite mean. Just saw this on p2p-politics. (Warning, if you’re from Bush’s base, you will be offended by this). Continue reading

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from Boston (re the Red Sox)

from a description in a financial emal:

For those outside New England who can’t understand the emotional significance, please indulge me the following tale: Earlier this morning, I went to grab a bagel and coffee at my regular haunt in Framingham, Mass. (western suburb of Boston). As I waited in line, an older man walked up to a woman who was reading The Boston Globe. He asked her if he could see the front page, because all of the newsstands in the area were already sold out. She offered him the entire paper, but he gently said that he just needed to see the cover. She showed it to him and he started to cry. Grown man in the middle of a coffee shop on an October morning. Cynicism has finally taken a holiday.

Continue reading

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The WiredCD


The WiredCD is here, bundled in the November issue of Wired. Amazing, beautiful, so amazingly cool. Here’s a great interview on Talk of the Nation with Chris Anderson and Kathleen Hannah of Le Tigre. Continue reading

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George WMD Bush: "A political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not a person you want as commander in chief" (you have got to be kidding)

George Bush has apparently endorsed John Kerry for President, advising America that we don’t want as commander in chief “a political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts.” True enough, Mr. President. How much better off we would have been had you not jumped to conclusions (re WMD) without knowing the facts.
Much better, no doubt, is a commander in chief who bases conclusions upon the facts, or, even better, acts when he learns of the facts (as this Administration did not do when it learned, in January, of the mistreatment of prisoners in Iraq and Cuba). Continue reading

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