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Why I Want to Run

Today I announced the formation of a committee to explore my entering the Democratic Primary for President. By Labor Day, I will decide whether a run makes sense. I want to run. But I want to run to be a … Continue reading

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Something Is Going Right: Net Neutrality and the FCC

Imagine that when you plugged something into an electrical outlet, the outlet queried the device and demanded identification. Was it a Sony TV or Panasonic? Was it a Dell or an Apple? And then based on that identification, different levels … Continue reading

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We Should Be Protesting, Too

This week, tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents turned out to protest China’s plan for bringing democracy to that city. Rather than letting voters pick the candidates that get to run for chief executive, Beijing wants the candidates selected … Continue reading

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What New Yorkers Can Do About Money in Politics

There’s a meme spreading fast through the tubes of the Internets about what explains Governor Cuomo’s refusal to debate Zephyr Teachout. Here’s one tweet: So Cuomo won't debate Zephyr Teachout in NY and Abbott won't debate Wendy Davis in TX? Yeah, … Continue reading

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Aaron's Walk: The New Hampshire Rebellion

A friend of Social and Internet Activist Aaron Swartz describes the movement his life has inspired: A year ago tomorrow, Aaron Swartz left. He had wound us all up, pointed us in a million directions, we were all working as … Continue reading

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"They Know We Know It." Get Politicians On The Record About Corruption

“There’s another challenge that we must address and it is the corrupting force of the vast sums of money necessary to run for office. The unending chase for money I believe threatens to steal our democracy itself.” No, that’s not … Continue reading

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Prosecutor as Bully

(Some will say this is not the time. I disagree. This is the time when every mixed emotion needs to find voice.) Since Aaron Swartz’s arrest in January, 2011, I have known more about the events that began this spiral … Continue reading

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What the Hell Is Being a Moderator For?

Neither candidate for president is addressing one of the top 10 issues that Americans believe should be a priority for the next president — more important than terrorism, the deficit, schools or social security. Continue reading

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The No Lobbying Pledge

There are campaigns that attack the enemy directly — think the British, in formation, Redcoats smartly cleaned. And then there are campaigns that attack indirectly — think of a virus, passing on a handshake, entering the body at the next … Continue reading

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The Great Promise of Super-PACs

Until the rise of super-PACs, the system favored the incumbents. Now the incumbents work for the super-PACs. It is a demeaning and demoralizing life for people who like to think highly of themselves and the institution they serve. Continue reading

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